Linda Andrews

Linda AndrewsLinda Andrews, the Founder & CEO of Lila Life, epitomizes resilience and achievement. Her remarkable abilities shine through her academic and athletic accomplishments, including her graduation as an All-American and record-setter at Cardinal Newman High School and her outstanding performance as an NCAA collegiate scholarship swimmer at Rutgers University. Remarkably, she achieved all this while overcoming Adverse Childhood Events. During her time at Rutgers, Linda demonstrated unwavering commitment by successfully filing a Title IX Complaint, ensuring compliance for future generations.

After her collegiate journey, Linda followed a career path that initially led her to the wellness sector as a sales professional. She later transitioned to the finance sector, rising to the position of Vice President at Morgan Stanley. There, she specialized in wealth management and business development, deepening her dedication to financial empowerment and well-being education.

Over the past decade, Linda's knowledge has expanded significantly across various fields, including yoga, meditation, mindset coaching, spiritual life coaching, business, marketing, health coaching, and plant-based culinary arts. To gain a deeper understanding of startups and the entrepreneurial journey, she actively participated in programs like the Accelerate Levan Center at NSU, HerIncubator, Preseed Bootcamp, Milestones by NASDAQ, YC Startup School, and Founders University Intensive with Launch VC.

Linda's expertise extends to Integrative Advisory, a fusion of Coaching and Consulting tailored for emerging entrepreneurs. Within Lila Life, Linda seamlessly integrates these modalities to craft a unique experience for budding entrepreneurs. Through The Lila Life Collective membership, she empowers entrepreneurs to progress from pre-revenue to $1 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through a distinctive blend of business architecture and well-being practices. Additionally, Linda hosts "The Lila Life Show," a podcast where she engages in conversations about integrating consciousness into the modern world, emphasizing the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

Beyond her professional commitments, Linda actively supports her community through mentorship, speaking engagements, and collaboration with organizations like Student Aces and 1909. Currently residing in West Palm Beach, Florida, with her husband Brendon and cherished fur companions, Linda enjoys various passions, including culinary arts, artistry, amateur farming, aspiring surfing, and dedicated meditation practice.