Freddie Figgers

Freddie FiggersFreddie Figgers is the Founder and CEO of the Figgers Communication Inc. an American telecom operator also manufacturing smartphones and consumer electronics. Figgers Communication recently won the INC Best in Business 2020 award.

Freddie is also the Founder and Chief Architect of Figgers Health, a company manufacturing devices and innovative software for proactive healthcare solutions. The company started with remote patient monitoring cloud solution, with proprietary blood glucose monitors and accessories. In recent years has expanded to offering telehealth platform and electronic health records solutions.

Freddie established and serves as Board Chair of The Figgers Foundation, a philanthropic organization aimed at helping individuals and families. The foundation has given support all across the world by donations, grants, specialized equipment, manpower and services offered in disaster relief, scholarships, University programs and food insecurity. One highlight is donating and distributing over 2 million units of personal protection equipment (PPE) to first responders across the country during the COVID pandemic. He developed and deployed for free, a mobile system allowing senior citizens, in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and in Hospice care, to video chat directly with family keeping them connected during the nationwide lock down, and ensured children in foster care did not go to bed hungry at night.

Freddie Figgers always had a passion for technology. At age 9, Freddie rebuilt a broken Macintosh from a Goodwill thrift store purchased for him by his father, by soldering parts to the circuit board from electronics around his house. At age 12, he started professional tech support and repairs in school during an after-school program, from where the City's Mayor hired him to repair computers at City of Quincy, FL.

At 15, Freddie Figgers developed his first, of many future inventions, to help his father's battle with the Dementia Alzheimer’s disease. Freddie built a shoe with a GPS tracker with two-way communication to allow him to communicate directly into his father shoe and track his father.

Freddie later started his own technical support, repairs and software development business in a backyard shed. At 16 he had developed and launched an off-site central storage system serving different local businesses.

When he was 19, he applied for FCC telecommunications license to provide Internet service in rural areas in northern Florida and adjacent southern Georgia. At 21 in 2011, he became one of the youngest telecom operator in the United States.

Since its inception, Figgers Communication has notably evolved from solely being a telecommunications operator to include manufacturing within its operational scope. The company now produces a wide array of unique consumer electronics endowed with advanced technology. The product catalog comprises items such as earbuds, cellular phones, LCD wireless televisions, and numerous software application suites in the ever-changing landscape of the telecommunication industry.