Darren Smith

Darren SmithDarren, a visionary leader with a knack for innovation, leads Smith & Henzy's development team outside of New York from Delray Beach, Florida.

After graduating summa cum laude from Baruch College in Finance & Investment and Political Science, Darren worked in Citi's Municipal Securities division for 7 years, specializing in community reinvestment. He traded multifamily revenue bonds for 2 years and originated tax credit deals for 5 years.

Since 2014, Darren has grown Smith & Henzy from a development consulting agency into one of Florida's largest developers, focusing on redeveloping blighted communities and preserving affordable housing. In less than a decade, he has led the development of over 40 tax credit properties, creating over 6,000 affordable housing units and over $250 million in real estate assets. He has grown the team from 2 people working out of a garage to 14 team members working out of Smith & Henzy's corporate headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. Over the last two years, he has created a more vertically integrated company that not only develops but also builds Smith & Henzy's projects.Darren aims to continue to grow Smith & Henzy into one of the largest affordable housing developers nationally, providing over 15,000 affordable housing units in 10 states by 2030.

Darren holds a bachelor's degree in Finance & Investment from Baruch College and is a trustee member for the Baruch College Fund.

Can you tell us a little about your background?
Born in NYC and raised in both South Florida and Lower East Side Manhattan. Puerto Rican background and am an avid New York sports fan. Currently reside in Delray Beach, FL with two kids, ages 19 and 15, a wife, who grew up on the same block as me in NYC, and two dogs, a morkie and golden doodle.

How does your cultural identity affect the leader you are today?
My experience as a Puerto Rican from New York has instilled in me a strong sense of grit and determination and a commitment to community. It requires a lot of grit to build something from nothing and to persevere through life's unavoidable setbacks to achieve success. A strong sense of social responsibility and a desire to give back to my community has led me to use my platform in affordable housing to make a difference in the world.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month Month mean to you?
Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and culture of Hispanic Americans. For me personally, it is an opportunity to reflect on my own heritage and how it has shaped my life.