Brendan Flores

Brenden Flores

Brendan Flores is an extraordinary trailblazer, a dedicated philanthropist, and an unwavering advocate for the Filipino American community. His leadership journey reached its pinnacle when he became the youngest-ever president and national chairman of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), a role in which he has emerged as an unequivocal voice for the four million Filipinos and Filipino Americans residing in the United States.

​At the heart of Brendan's visionary leadership is a relentless commitment to community engagement and advocacy. He's not just a leader; he's a catalyst for change. Under his guidance, NaFFAA has become a powerhouse of advocacy, bringing together institutions, organizations, and individuals to drive progress and foster positive social change within the community. Brendan's leadership is not just about managing; it's about inspiring and empowering others to take action.

​Brendan's remarkable impact extends far beyond the realms of community leadership. Leveraging his extensive banking background, he has orchestrated significant integrations at Bank of America and his previous employer, leaving a lasting legacy in the financial sector. His exceptional results in his banking career stand as a testament to his ability to transform organizations and achieve remarkable outcomes. Arguably, he holds the distinction of being one of the youngest branch managers in the history of banking.

​For all his professional achievements and socio-civic engagements, Brendan has been recognized with an impressive array of accolades...

National Association of Asian Pacific in Politics and Public Affairs TOP 40: Brendan has been named one of the top 40 Political Operatives and Public Affairs Professionals Under 40 in the United States, a testament to his influence and impact in the political arena.

  • Global Influence: His dedication to advocacy transcends borders, as he has been named one of the ten most influential Filipinos worldwide by WorldRemit, showcasing the global reach of his work.
  • Local Recognition: In the Gulf Coast region, Brendan's contributions have not gone unnoticed. He was named in the prestigious Top 40 under 40 list by the Florida Business Observer, a testament to his exceptional achievements in the region.
  • Global Leadership Excellence Award: Brendan's leadership prowess has been acknowledged with the Global Leadership Excellence Award, a recognition of his outstanding contributions to leadership and social change.
  • Presidential Honors: Brendan's commitment to community service earned him the United States President's Volunteer Service Award, and he also received President Biden's Community Service Lifetime Achievement Award, demonstrating his enduring dedication to making a difference.
  • Global Hero: He was honored with the ABS-CBN North America Gawad Geny Lopez Bayaning Pilipino Award (Global Filipino Hero), highlighting his role as a hero for the Filipino American community on a global scale.
  • Outstanding Recognition: Brendan has been celebrated as one of the most Outstanding Filipino Americans in the United States, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the Filipino American community.
  • Global Innovator: His innovative approach to leadership was recognized with the Global Innovator Award, underscoring his ability to drive change and progress.
  • Alumni Honoree: Brendan received the National Academy Foundation's Alumni Honoree of the Year award, acknowledging his exemplary journey from an alumnus to a leader making a profound impact.

​He has also been an inspiration to many youths and young professionals, encouraging them to actively get involved, and making history as the youngest leader of America's largest Filipino American Federation. He was also one, if not the youngest, to hold the post in the national non-profit arena, whether in the Asian American community or other mainstream organizations. This underscores his unique ability to inspire and lead the way for the next generation of leaders.

​Brendan's commitment to community leadership is exemplified through his involvement in various pivotal initiatives. Under his astute leadership, he led NaFFAA to become one of the foremost organizations in obtaining the Congressional Gold Medal for Filipino American World War 2 Veterans, ensuring that their sacrifices and contributions are forever honored. His dedication to immigration issues has been unwavering, as he consistently advocates for fair and compassionate policies that uplift the community.

​Brendan's commitment to civic engagement is unparalleled. Under his exceptional leadership, he has empowered the Fil-Am Vote initiative, tirelessly working alongside a dedicated team to educate and register voters within the community. His collective efforts in this realm have not only increased participation but have also ensured that the voices of Filipino Americans are heard in the democratic process.

​Furthermore, Brendan has been instrumental in creating a non-partisan environment that fosters education and awareness about running for office. His leadership has paved the way for individuals within the community to aspire to public service and contribute to the political landscape.

​Addressing the critical issue of Asian Hate, Brendan and his team have effectively partnered with both Asian and non-Asian groups to combat discrimination and promote unity. They have been at the forefront of advocating for tolerance and understanding, ensuring that the Filipino American community stands in solidarity with others facing similar challenges.

​Brendan's dedication to education and empowerment extends beyond policy and politics. He has played a pivotal role in establishing scholarships, supporting education initiatives, and co-leading Filipino American History Month Celebrations at the White House, thereby preserving the rich cultural heritage and history of the community.

​In addition to his outstanding leadership at NaFFAA, Brendan also serves on the board for Filipino Advancing Creative Education (FACE), further demonstrating his commitment to promoting education and creativity within the Filipino American community.

​Brendan deeply values his heritage and has, alongside his NaFFAA region and state leaders, spearheaded the most successful Filipino American Heritage Night Celebration thus far at Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena. This event stands as a testament to his dedication to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Filipino American community.

​His extensive media coverage, including features in prestigious outlets such as CNN, US News, Associated Press, and many more, underscores the widespread recognition of his remarkable achievements and the impact of his advocacy on a national and international scale.

​Brendan's commitment to education and mentorship is evident in his role as a keynote speaker at various colleges and events across the United States and internationally. He has been a strong mentor to many, sharing his insights and inspiring the next generation of leaders. Brendan's extensive travels to 40 countries, his summa cum laude honors, executive programs, and MBA demonstrate his dedication to continuous learning and personal growth.

​Brendan Flores isn't just a leader; he is a force of nature, a beacon of inspiration, and a true hero of his community. His journey exemplifies the essence of authentic leadership, inspiring everyone to embark on their own journeys to make a meaningful and lasting difference.

​From his groundbreaking achievements in the banking sector to his transformative leadership at NaFFAA, Brendan Flores's impact is profound and far-reaching. His commitment to the Filipino American community, unwavering advocacy for social change, and dedication to education and mentorship have left an indelible mark. Brendan has not only broken barriers but has paved the way for others to follow in his footsteps. As a trailblazer, philanthropist, and advocate, he stands as a testament to the power of leadership and the potential for positive change within us all. Brendan's legacy continues to inspire and uplift not only the Filipino American community but all those who seek to make a difference in the world.